The Distillery Story
 In 2010 several of us were sitting at the Baja Brewing pub at Cabo Villas Beach Resort talking about how great it would be to have the first artisan distillery in Baja Sur making local spirits to call our own.  With the help of a few friends, two years later we did by opened "The Distillery" in downtown Todos Santos.  Game on.  After Hurricane Odile in 2014 when our original location was destroyed the decision was made to move out of the food and bar venue to focus on production and distribution.  
We feature our locally distilled "Baja Midnight" Blue Marlin Vodka, White Lightning Moonshine, White Dog Moonshine, Devils Tongue (Hot Cinnamon) Moonshine & Chocolate Moonshine, Coffee Liqueur, Limoncello and other seasonal offerings. All Baja Midnight Spirits are gluten free.  Moonshine is made from sweet white corn and Vodka from sugar cane.  Coming in 2018 we will be posting the locations that offer our spirits in cocktails and by the bottle.
Small Batch Story

The process we use to create all of our spirits involves an attention to detail.  Our strength at The Distillery is uniqueness. 

The Distillery produces a variety of artisan spirits from both local and imported top quality ingredients. We control every aspect of our small-batch production with various distillation processes to the final bottling of our all-natural, super-premium liquors.

All of our liquors are small batch-distilled in a stainless steel reflux still using water from Baja's Sierra Laguna aquifers.  Each bottle is numbered by hand to reflect its batch and ensure its individuality.  Our attention to detail and passion for the final product isn’t a gimmick – it’s what genuinely separates our products from other mainstream spirits.

All of our spirits are gluten free using Mexican corn and sugar cane.
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Todos Santos
Baja California Sur
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...How distillation works
Distillation is a process that separates compounds based on their volatility or ease with which they vaporize.  In the case of alcoholic spirits production we capitalize on the difference in boiling points between water and ethanol.  Since ethanol boils at a lower temperature than water we concentrate the alcohol by applying heat, in the form of steam, to a base wine or mash to produce a distillate that is higher in alcohol than the material originally charged into the still.

Material to be distilled is charged into the pot through the manway.  Heat is applied to the pot using a steam boiler in conjunction with a steam jacket that surrounds the pot.  The alcoholic vapors rise through the helmet and into the column of the still.  As the vapors work their way up the column the alcohol becomes more concentrated as condensate forms and drips back down towards the pot.  Some of the vapor condenses when it reaches the condenser or dephleglamator.  The remaining alcoholic vapor reaches the condenser which turns it back into a liquid by cooling it with water recycled from our cooling tower.

Distillate is collected in three fractions.  The first fraction, or cut, is known as the foreshot or heads and contains aldehydes and other low boiling compounds that are undesirable in the final product.  The middle cut known as the main run, or hearts, is high in alcohol and is used for the final products.  The final cut, or tails, contains high boilers and fusel oils and is collected for later re-distillation to extract more hearts.

Fun Images

  1. Blue Marlin Vodka
    Blue Marlin Vodka
    Our Vodka Brand
  2. Choyero Man
    Choyero Man
    The Distillery Mascot
  3. White Dog
    White Dog
    At 120 proof this Moonshine has teeth
  4. White Lightning
    White Lightning
    The Distillery signature Moonshine